I'm the girl behind the camera

photographing people in love is what i do best

Hi, there!

I'm Stacy, the founder of Stacy Jett Photography!

I feel extremely grateful and humbled that you are considering me to shoot your wedding or lifestyle event.

Some personal information about me:

I respectfully honor marriage as the blessed sacrament that it is.

I'm also truly blessed for having a caring family and supportive friends. 

I simply adore colorful Christmas tree ornaments, lightning bugs shimmering in the warm, night air, purring kittens dozing contently on my lap, and, most of all, watching couples seal their devotion to each other with heart-felt vows of love!

You can usually find me in and around The Magic City snapping pics with my Nikon in an artistic and authentic way, especially at the Birmingham Botanical GardensRailroad Park, Aldridge Gardens, and the Vulcan statue.

As a hopeless romantic, I also like to browse the online Library of Congress and look at all the black and white photos of holy matrimonies from long ago.

What really makes me..."me"...is equal parts creativity and intuition, with a whole bunch of sentimentality, passion, and laughter thrown in for measure.

As an experienced wedding photographer, the style that I practice professionally is photojournalism with contemporary highlights.

Each frame I shoot embraces the unexpected and immortalizes the emotions experienced by all.

My philosophy is to deliver an elegant but natural story about people and their relationships to each other through compelling images.

I do this by letting people be themselves and without too much direction or posing.

This helps make the experience more comfortable and stress-free as they do not feel like they are being rushed.

More importantly, on a personal level, because you chose me, you are more than just my client.

And when the day ends, I'll share with you those fleeting seconds bound in happy smiles and tender tears that are now recorded for a lifetime.

Finally, I specialize in awesome couples who don't want to settle for anything less.

Anyway, that’s my story.

I’d love to hear yours.

Thanks for stopping by,


Stacy Jett

Making Magic With Light And Emotion
— Stacy Jett Photography